Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Activity of Make Swimbait Lures

This is just my another picture when there is no busy work. THis picture taken yesterday when i try to make swimbait lures with any wood i found.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Determining The Size of Bass Fishing Swimbaits

To determine the swim bait that will be created then it is highly dependent on kecerdian we understand the need . Whether it's the need for oneself or the need for sales as well .

If the opinion on the need for oneself then it standartnya back on the habits and abilities we want fishing in the area where , whether swamps , rivers , the sea ?

When the marsh is the most popular large fish or sea bass . For bass fishing can use a size of 10 cm to 15 cm .
When fishing in the ocean for fish such as the CM can use up to 20 cm in length . Of course, the GT will be more ferocious fish in the prey . When using the small size will often loose .

Bass fishing in the river also requires its own expertise . For bass fishing is a kind of monster fish . Herein lies the importance of the function of the swim bait used .

Determine the size of a large catch of fish . When using a size too small , it will be more loose bass , and vice versa when using a size too big .

Bass fishing techniques also determines the main function of our swim bait . When experts then swim bait fishing will feel the joy in our game .