Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Man Who Make Jackall Lures | You Must Know It

This is a good information who love and who use The Jackall Lures. This is Profile about the man who making this lures. He is from Australia. And his name is Harry Watson.
"I started using them and discovered how good they were," he said. "When the head of Jackall in Japan said why don't you sell them in Australia, first off I said no because I wanted to keep them a secret as they were so good.

"In the end I relented and started importing them and am glad I did."

Jackall has become one of Australia's most high profile lures in the industry, particularly fresh water models.

"Jackall has hundreds of different types of lures and I get to choose which ones come into Australia," Harry said.

"I product test them to see if the lure is going to work, then hand them out to selective anglers to test as well and get their opinions. I'll test them for weeks sometimes months before I work out if the lure is going to be good here. I then select or design colours for our species in Australia.

A peacock lure (above); a purple transam lure (above right),
A peacock lure (above); a purple transam lure (above right),
"I get the satisfaction of being able to bring a lure in that people regard as probably the best lure in Australia. Just about any fishing tournament you go to people will be winning with Jackall lures."

Mr Watson said the floods had set back local anglers with Moogerah, Somerset and Wivenhoe dams dirtied by the recent downpours.

"Flooded dams are putting the fish off," he said. "Maroon is the best place to fish at the moment. Lots of the creeks and rivers below the dams are fishing well.

"In summer time I fish at Maroon Dam because fish there feed on surface lures. The fish are bigger in Moogerah and Somerset but you don't get to see that strike you do at Maroon." He said fish stocks at Maroon were plentiful and he enjoyed the quiet location.


Jackall mikey jr. wake baits | Review and Videos


The highly technical Mikey is one of the latest top-of-the-line Japanese hard baits to reach the U.S. Jackall baits are created using the latest materials and design technology. The prototype of each of these lures is designed on a computer to generate a 3D image of the lure, which is then cut into the actual bait in a matter of minutes.

This process allows Jackall to get the lure from idea to design to creation much faster, enabling them to get the baits into the hands of their pro staff in a matter of days or hours. This gives Jackall a great advantage; they are able to tweak a lure to perfection and present it for sale much faster than their competitors. Jackall is raising bass fishing to a whole new level with this sophisticated technology and their new materials and designs.

 The Mikey topwater bait is the latest evolution of a design developed in Japan and working well in the U.S. These lures will swim along the top of the water with a wide fishy motion and leave a wake that will direct a bass' attention to what is making the commotion - your lure.

The Jackall Mikey is a three section bait with three ultra-sharp hooks that will swim with a lifelike action. The sections knock against each other, producing a noise that bass seem to love, and there are loud metal ball bearings in each section that will produce a noisy, higher pitched rattle.

The finish on the Mikey is superb and all the hardware is first class. Mikey is a top-of-the-line topwater walking bait and deserves to be in the boxes of all serious anglers.

Source : www.tacklewarehouse.com

Check the Video :

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

And It's Name Is Huddleston 68 Special | Only For Swimbait Lover

If You Dont Try, You Can't Did It

Imagine a small fish with lovely dance in the water, and then big bass fish bait it, eat it. So how we can make something like a small fish and big bass fish bite it? First.. Draw it.

and then look at a small wood, from oak tree and make simple swimbait.

How So Fun Look A Swimbait for 40% made it

make a swimbait
a small wood can be anything if you can imagine something, in this case is make a swimbait bass fishing. You guys can do it like this too.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

What Tool For Making Swimbait Lures ?

Just slow down, no need expensive tools for make you own fishing lure. Just like this picture (if you have..) If you dont have you can borrow it , maybe.
Need :
1. Belt Sander
2. Scroll Saw.
3. Knife
4. Pen

and etc just make you imagine to be this swimbait models

Friday, October 3, 2014

So Enjoy Fishing Bass Fish With Swimbait Lures

Why so much people prefer fishing bass fishing ? because its very interesting, enjoy and not so easy. Just look at this photo; bass fish catcth by swimbait lures. Exactly this location at river close with my wife  house.

This One Of My Favourite Swimbait Maker

This is only some picture and i share a good quality video for make swimbait lures. From Solarbaits. Just stay and you can learn more from him

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Start to learn and try to making this swimbait lures

always have some new relaxation when i learn this lures. Swimbait for me is something toys that unique. I like this very much and do some wood tool to make it when longer time.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Why so difficult to make simbait lures?

Always be something happy time for design of swimbait lures. Because we can make whatever we want and thingking until it finish. THis time i want to make new model small swimbait lures for bass with GT crop.. can i do it? just need time

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Activity of Make Swimbait Lures

This is just my another picture when there is no busy work. THis picture taken yesterday when i try to make swimbait lures with any wood i found.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Determining The Size of Bass Fishing Swimbaits

To determine the swim bait that will be created then it is highly dependent on kecerdian we understand the need . Whether it's the need for oneself or the need for sales as well .

If the opinion on the need for oneself then it standartnya back on the habits and abilities we want fishing in the area where , whether swamps , rivers , the sea ?

When the marsh is the most popular large fish or sea bass . For bass fishing can use a size of 10 cm to 15 cm .
When fishing in the ocean for fish such as the CM can use up to 20 cm in length . Of course, the GT will be more ferocious fish in the prey . When using the small size will often loose .

Bass fishing in the river also requires its own expertise . For bass fishing is a kind of monster fish . Herein lies the importance of the function of the swim bait used .

Determine the size of a large catch of fish . When using a size too small , it will be more loose bass , and vice versa when using a size too big .

Bass fishing techniques also determines the main function of our swim bait . When experts then swim bait fishing will feel the joy in our game .